Important Announcement 6-2019

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We are pleased to inform that our new eNPCO system application will be active on 1 Dec 2019.

This is a new platform upgrade from our previous system. To ease with the CO applications, you are required to pre-register again as new user in the system by clicking on

For Non MTMA Members, please signed up as MTMA members to enjoy the services.

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Analyse Garments

Your Sewer know how to sewn a garment but it is very important to understand of how garments are constructed – the various seams and stitches utilization in different components of the garments as this will help reduce redundant designs that cannot be replicated in mass production, eliminate misinterpretation in sampling and production, and improve communication in production specifications.  This might help you to save sewing threads.

To find out more about this program, please click on the following: -

Workshop on Analyse Garments