Welcome to Expenses Claim App

Track, Review and Manage Employee Expenses Claims

The Expenses Claim app allows employees to submit their expenses claims for reimbursements. The respective Head of Departments (HOD) will be able to review, track and approve all employee expenses claims before final reimbursements by the Finance Department.

Workflow Approval Cycle:

  1. The claimant submits a New Expenses Claim.
  2. Expense claim is routed to the selected HOD for approval.
  3. If approved, the expense claim is routed to the Finance Department for verification and processing of payment.
  4. This app defaults the Finance Department approver to the "admin" user, which you can change in the "Map Participants to Users" screen.
  5. HOD can request the claimant to resubmit the expense claim and the expense claim will redirected back to the claimant's inbox for evaluation, or the HOD can reject it, which will end the process flow.

This Expenses Claim app has been built to make use of the new features and capababilities of Joget DX Enterprise or Professional Edition.

Before using this app, perform the following steps: (Need admin role permission)

  1. Set up the Claim Categories (Example: Entertainment, Medical, Mileage and Toll, etc.).
  2. Input your Joget DX SMTP server configurations in  Web Console > General Settings  to send email messages.
  3. Input an email address for admin user in  Web Console > Setup Users  for email notification to work.